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the Imagined.

The iLab by PGT Innovations is an incredible new way to offer our customers more options, more beauty, more protection — and more possibilities.

We’ve assembled an exceptional team of inventors, tinkerers, engineers, and dreamers with in-depth industry knowledge to come together in our state-of-the-art facilities. Together, they will provide unique window-and-door solutions to customers with projects that require:

  • New, inventive features
  • Custom needs
  • One-of-a-kind products

The 24,500-square-foot iLab is an innovative extension of PGT Innovations that serves as a product incubator and micro-factory.


Advanced Capabilities.

With the iLab, you’ll get the prestige, quality, and capabilities of the largest impact-resistant window and door manufacturer in the nation, combined with the nimble and responsive power of our workshop. The iLab allows for true flexibility of the manufacturing and engineering process to fill any opening dreamed up by the customer’s imagination.


Our Products
Craftsmanship. With Scale.

The iLab supports the mission of PGT Innovations to manufacture highly engineered and technically advanced products that can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions on earth and are revolutionizing the way people live by unifying indoor and outdoor living spaces. The iLab team creates the prototype, develops the initial build, and produces a mass-production plan for the product. The iLab has introduced three products to the marketplace, including a bi-fold door, a lift-and-slide door, and a pivot door.

Bi-Fold Door

The Bi-Fold Door can be used for residential or commercial-storefront as well as impact and non-impact applications.

Heavy-duty aluminum frames provide protection, energy efficiency, and durability for years to come. Available in a range of paint options.

High-performance impact and non-impact glass panels are designed to meet your needs. Mutin and various glass customizations available.

Lift & Slide Door

The Lift & Slide Door is a marvel of scale and sophistication. Using a system that raises the door to slide and then lowers and seals it once closed allows for greater protection, better longevity, and a greater scale.

Thermally broken aluminum frames allow for ideal climate control, resulting in lower energy costs and more stable temperature ranges.

High-performance glass with multiple third-party certifications. Mutin and various glass customizations available.

Pivot Door

The iLab was able to create a remarkable Pivot Door solution that is safe, flexible, and ingenious. All while making an architectural statement.

Heavy-duty aluminum frames provide protection, energy efficiency, and durability for years to come. Available in a range of paint options.

Let’s Talk
Let’s Imagine Innovation Together!

Ask your Sales Representative how the iLab can help improve, rethink, and revolutionize your projects. Want to see us in action? Tour the iLab workshop at our Venice campus today! Ask your Sales Representative to schedule your on-site visit.

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